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The Scottish Hockey Federation and Nacsport close an agreement for the next 5 years

07-06-2011 Written by Nacsport 0 minute read

Since April 2011 all the Scottish representative hockey teams, (Men's, Women's and Youth), have been...

The Újpest Futsal Club looks our logo

19-04-2011 Written by Nacsport 0 minute read

The Újpest Futsal Club, team of first division futsal of Hungary has begun to use our software. Also...

The Football Association of Slovenia has joined to our customers list

18-04-2011 Written by Nacsport 0 minute read

Recently, the Football Association of Slovenia has decided that its video analysis work would be don...

The CTO Amsterdam experience

06-04-2011 Written by Nacsport 1 minute read

Nacsport is for us the program to analyze all the available videos and to prepare them for maximum a...

The secret of Valencia CF

06-10-2010 Written by Nacsport 2 minute read

The daily “Que!es” reveals the secret of Valencia C.F.: A system that analyzes the game in real time...

"The all-seeing eye"

20-08-2010 Written by Nacsport 5 minute read

Juanjo Vila has brought from Deportivo tactical analysis program live far more advanced Nacsport, l...

Nacsport is also used in the United Arab Emirates

06-08-2010 Written by Nacsport 0 minute read

On Saturday 31 July, an agreement was signed with the football club "Al Sharjah FC" which will be us...

Nacsport revolutionizes the work of the technicians

22-05-2010 Written by Nacsport 2 minute read

Louis van Gaal’s famous notebook has its days numbered. Nacsport is working to replace old pencil an...

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