High School Soccer Video Analysis at Belton High School, Texas

By Duncan Ritchie

06-May-2024 on Users

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Not every team plays in the pro leagues, but every team can use video analysis to improve their performance.


And that has always been our philosophy here at Nacsport. We want to put the power of video analysis in the hands of coaches and clubs who need it - from the highest echelons of the game to high school students starting out on their sporting journey.


And that’s exactly what we’ve got for you today - the story of Belton High School Girls Soccer in Texas, and their Coach Oscar Bersoza.


So, let’s meet Oscar…

This article was written with the participation of our resellers ProStratix, the official tender awardee for Benton Independent School District.


Introducing Coach Oscar Bersoza


oscar bersoza belton high school


Oscar Bersoza is a busy man. As well as being the Head Coach for the girls soccer team at Belton High School, he is also the Girl’s Athletic Coordinator at the high school and two middle schools, positions which he has held for over 7 years.


In addition, he holds the post of Assistant Coach for the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor men’s soccer team, where he has worked for the past 15 years.


Although he only uses Nacsport with the varsity team at the high school, which he is in sole charge of, this represents two games per week on average during the season.


So, yes, a busy man. And this is one of the reasons why he values Nacsport so much in his current role. Not so much as a tool which helps him to improve team performance, although that is obviously a massive part of it, but as a tool which allows him to save many hours of work each week.


How? Well, let’s talk to the man himself.

What are your video analysis goals?


“The goal is immediate feedback. I’m a one-man-show that has two games per week, so this means I have to work hard and fast.


“Filming the games and uncovering the statistics is imperative. We have stats and certain parameters that are unique to our team, so Nacsport allows me to tag the most relevant video clips and extract the most relevant game data quickly and easily.


“With regards to the video clips, I also upload videos to YouTube for individual players to watch. These clips are personalised and typically only contain plays which are relevant to that player.


“In general, video is an extremely useful resource for coaches. It means that I, for example, can work on certain plays in training sessions with the players. I can then back this up with recorded examples of how they are implementing these strategies on the field.”


high school soccer video analysis

How does video analysis fit into your working week?


“The high school soccer season runs from December to March, so this is when I use it most heavily.


“We normally play two times per week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, so I tag with Nacsport on Wednesdays and Saturdays after the games have finished. I send the stats and clips to the team once I'm done tagging and we then watch highlights from the previous game before the next one, so turnaround is really quick.”


nacsport soccer analysis

Can you explain in more detail how you use Nacsport?


“On game days, as a team, we only watch the clips that I deem important for the next game. We watch the film of the previous game to see what we did well and where we need to improve.


“Because we play every team in the league two times, home and away, the second time we play a team during the season, we can also scout them from the previous game.


“As I said, I tag each game the day after it is played and I extract the relevant clips and statistics which will be presented to the team.


“I have found that the data matrix is a huge help, especially when I’m extracting the unique stats that we use after each game. The matrix allows me to home in on the appropriate stats and get them ready for the players really quickly.”



“On the tagging window itself, I have a button which I call “GRIT”. I use this button to make a highlight video which is to be shown before every game. This is basically which allows me to extract video clips of things that we did particularly well in the previous game and it’s used as a motivational tool.


“As well as goals, these clips can include aspects such as winning headers, successful sliding tackles, great saves, etc.


“I export these clips from Nacsport, add our theme song, and this is how we finish each and every video session with the team.”



How do you present your video analysis insights to players?


“Apart from the full team meetings that we have on game days, I also pull individual players and sit down with them when needed.


“This tends to happen on a case-by-case basis when I consider that the player in question needs some extra input.


“In addition, I post videos to YouTube every week for certain players that I believe could benefit from individual feedback. I post these videos to our YouTube channel, keeping them private, and then send the link to the player in question so they can access those game clips.”

Is KlipDraw used in your workflow?


“KlipDraw is a good tool for visual learning, but I haven’t had the time to use it frequently.


“I do use the text overlay tool in order to clarify messages, but I would like to use it more. 


“This will be another step in my journey.”

How do you think Nacsport has helped improve your team’s performance?


“I’m not sure that it has improved our performance any more than the software that I used previously.


“But what I can tell you is that it has made my job much easier. It makes the process of tagging a game simple.


“With my previous software, it was a long process to make relevant clips for the game. For example, if I wanted to extract all the plays in which player 8 was involved, I had to watch the game, cut the relevant clip out of the game video, import it to other software and edit and stretch it to my liking.


“Now it’s just a simple process of pressing the Player 8 button on my tagging window. At the end of the game, I have all that player’s clips together in one place in Nacsport. I can then choose to export them all together and send the finished file directly to the player.


“Because we have two games per week, there is an extremely quick turnover in terms of video analysis, so I need a tool which allows me to do this type of thing quickly and easily.


“And that’s what Nacsport provides me with. 


“I think the flexibility of Nacsport is also a huge plus for me. Every coach is different and every coach has a different philosophy of the game. Nacsport is not as rigid as other platforms I have used, and it allows me to put my own stamp on the game.”


using nacsport for high school soccer analysis

What are the benefits of using Nacsport?


“Time is money and money is money.


“What I mean by the first part of this statement is what I talked about above, I can save so much time using Nacsport that, in the end, it saves us valuable money and resources. 


“The second part of the statement relates to our department’s budget. I have used other software, such as Hudl Sportscode Gamebreaker which, while it’s a great piece of kit, is expensive for a small team such as ourselves.


“We are not pros and I have a limited budget in my department, and it doesn’t make sense for me to spend half of that budget on video analysis software, especially when our season only runs from December to March.


“With the range of pricing options in Nacsport and different versions of the software available, I can get exactly the features I need at a reasonable price.


“Apart from this, the support and after-sales service I have received from Nacsport has been fantastic.


“I’ll admit that I’ve only scratched the surface with what the software can do, but I’ve had support from the team in order to learn KlipDraw and other features such as heatmaps.


“Now the season has ended, I’m looking forward to seeing what else I can do with the software in preparation for next season.”

We’d like to thank Coach Bersoza for taking the time out of his obviously busy schedule in order to give us this fascinating insight into how he uses video analysis and Nacsport at the school.


If you are reading this and think that Nacsport could be the right tool for your school program, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us for more information.


Until then…


Thanks for reading.

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