Basic Plus vs Scout Plus: How Far Do You Want to Take Your Sports Analysis?

By Duncan Ritchie

26-February-2020 on Tips

12 minute read

Hello again! And welcome to the second part of our series where we compare and contrast the different packages on offer from Nacsport. You don’t have to have read the previous articles in the series as we’ll explain all the terms again.



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The wealth of features offered by various sports analysis software packages can be a little overwhelming at times, and the terms and language used is not always clear to the uninitiated. Therefore, our objective in this series is to explain some of these terms as clearly and concisely as possible so that you, the user, can make a completely informed decision that is best for you.



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Well, we started by looking at the differences between Nacsport Basic and Basic Plus. Today, we’re going to take a step further up the ladder and compare Basic Plus to Scout Plus.


Scout Plus contains all the elements of Basic Plus and adds a cornucopia of new features. At this point, we really are entering into the lower atmosphere of professional video analysis. So, without further ado, let’s continue with our comparison.

Register Actions Without Limits and Without Video!


Ok, let’s again start at the very basics of the functionality of any video analysis software, the ability to register actions on a video.


If you recall, in Basic Plus you have a total of 50 buttons to play with. These buttons can be split between Categories (main action) and Descriptors (to register a description of a Category) in whatever way you see fit.


On the other hand, in Scout Plus, there are no limits to how many buttons you can create, therefore your initial analysis is only limited by your imagination.



Scout Plus also lets you register actions without a video source. Say, for example, you are watching a live game that you know is being recorded by someone else. Carry on with your analysis as normal, registering the live actions, and later, when you get your hands on the video source, easily sync the two together! In Basic Plus, you must have the video source loaded to register actions.


Enhanced Graphic Descriptors


Scout Plus also gives you the ability to create Enhanced Graphic Descriptors. Imagine having a graphic representation of the court, you click the “shot” button as normal and then you click on the relevant part of the court and…hey presto, it’s registered. Graphic Descriptors make life easier for the analyst, simple as that!



Multiple Matrixes


In Basic+, you can review your registered actions on the Data Matrix but you can only work with the data from one video at a time.


In Scout+, however, you have the ability to import, combine and work with the data from up to 5 videos, all of which will be added to your Data Matrix. If the Categories and Descriptors are the same for each video, then they will all be combined together in the matrix. This is a very useful tool for reviewing, for example, the data from 5 games at a time.



Play by Play


Scout Plus adds another power tool which helps you review your registered actions, Play by Play. Basically, this allows you to see all the plays in a match in the order they happened, as opposed to the actions being grouped together. It’s basically a text representation of the match. Here you can alter the information as you see fit.




Five Videos and Analyses at the Same Time


Ok, so now we come to the feature which is probably the biggest advantage that Scout Plus has over it’s little brother Basic Plus, the ability to work with up to five videos at the same time as opposed to one in Basic Plus.



Imagine you are scouting out an opponent and you want to analyse their previous 5 games, now you can. Analyse all these videos together at the same time to produce a comprehensive database of your opponent.


All this data can be added to the same Data Matrix so you can easily control the relevant information your team needs to see.


Advanced Presentations


And that brings us neatly to presentations. Basic Plus contains a wealth of options for creating visually attractive presentations and the option to add audio files.




While Basic Plus doesn’t have you the ability to share presentation data between two computers with Nacsport installed. Presentations must be given from the same machine. In Scout Plus you can easily export and import data between Nacsport programs. For example, you want to send a presentation to another member of the coaching staff or to a player for review…now you can.


In addition, scripting your presentations has never been easier. With Scout Plus you can write your script within the program itself.


Dynamic Dashboards


Dashboards are a feature of both versions of the program, so let’s begin with a quick explanation of what it does.



Scout Plus gives you more control over the data represented in the dashboard and let’s you see data from specific parts of the game.


Let’s talk about soccer to give you an example of how this could be useful. Your team has dominated in the early parts of the match and scored 3 goals, but in the last 15 minutes, the opposition has retaliated and is starting to make a comeback in the match.


You want to see what has changed specifically in the previous 15 minutes. With the Dynamic dashboard you can pinpoint that specific period of the match and relay statistical info to the bench which may help influence how they change the strategy. You may transmit data such as possession or player effectiveness from any point in the game.




With Basic Plus you have some limited compatibility options. For example,you can easily share data with users of other programsor import their data into your machine for analysis. This means that there is compatibility between Nacsport and InStat or HudlSportscode.


Scout Plus gives you some added compatibility options.


First off, if you want to add XML data from Opta, you can do this with no problems. You can also import your own custom XML files.


As well as importing data in the XML format, it is now possible to import data from Sportscode(.SCpkg) or Gamebreaker (.GBpkg)



This means that Categories and Descriptors from other timeline based software will now be compatible with Nacsport, to a certain degree. The Data Matrix will also be updated.




Ok, it’s that time again where we have to talk about money. We know that price will be a defining factor for many people. However, Nacsport is a global brand and payable in many different currencies, therefore, instead of talking about specific prices, we’re going to give you an overview of payment options and what you get for your hard-earned. To check the price in your local currency, we suggest you click on the link below.


Basic Plus


Single payment (1 year of support and update services included)




Three yearly instalments (3 years of support and update services included)


+ non-mandatory fee per year for support and update services after stated period.


See the Price of Basic+ in Your Country


Scout Plus


Single payment (1 year of support and update services included)




Three yearly instalments of (3 years of support and update services included)


+ non-mandatory per year for support and update services after stated period.


See the Price of Scout+ in Your Country


So…let’s break this down a bit more.


With both pieces of software, you buy a lifetime license. The software is yours to keep and it will continue working until it becomes obsolete.


By obsolete, we mean that we cannot guarantee that the software will work forever. Technology evolves very quickly and it is impossible to foresee issues such as conflicts with other programs and changes made to operating systems.


For this reason, we suggest that you take advantage of our support and update service. We update and improve our software several times per year, adding features and adapting the software to the evolution of technology. Also, you have the added bonus of having us constantlyon hand if any unforeseen issues arise. Call us and we’ll deal with the problem.


We believe this service is well worth the money.


The Choice is Yours!


So…there you have it, a comparison of some of the major differences between Nacsport Basic Plus and Scout Plus.


We can’t decide which one is best for you, only you can do that. But don’t worry, if you decide to take Basic Plus and then decide that you need a program which is more powerful. It is very easy to upgrade your licence.


Also, we are very proud of our software and believe that once you try it, you’ll never look back. For that reason we offer a FREE 30-day Trial of any of our software packages. Click here to find out more.


Next time in this series we’ll be comparing the differences between Scout Plus and Pro Plus.


See you soon!


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