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Top Tier Professional Development with Nacsport


Daniel Perez is, without a doubt, one the most recognised independent video anal...

Live Analysis at Club Atlético Huracán


Live analysis is one of those topics that we get asked about a lot. How is it do...

Case Study: The Spanish Field Hockey Federation


Although the majority of our users are involved in the worlds of football and ba...

How to Create Contextualised Data Visualisation for Football


In this blog, we’d like to introduce you to Salvo Tudisco, a business prof...

Case Study: Academic Research with Nacsport at the University of Calgary


Over the years, we’ve brought you many articles about how Nacsport, and vi...

Ice Hockey Analysis: Migrating from STEVA Hockey to Nacsport


Santeri Hilli is an ice hockey coach from Oulu in Finland. Coaching from 2004, h...

Performance Analysis with the Slovenian National Football Team


Dejan Kopasič is a pioneer of video analysis in his home country of Slovenia. A...

Performance Analysis with the Spanish Basketball Team


There’s little doubt that the Spanish basketball team is going through an...
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