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How to Create a Report on Opponents Set-Pieces

12-11-2020 Written by Manuel Núñez 9 minute read

How do we analyse the set-pieces of an opponent? What are the key features? What should w...

Opposition Analysis at Liverpool FC: Part 1

04-11-2020 Written by Greg Mathieson 11 minute read

Recently, Josh Bryan from Nacsport’s UK distributors,

How to Make It as a Freelance Sports Analyst

29-10-2020 Written by Jammy McFarlane 12 minute read

Tactical Report: Why Real Sociedad Are Sitting Top of La Liga

28-10-2020 Written by Daniel Muñoz 11 minute read

Tactical Analysis: FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid

27-10-2020 Written by Luismi Loro 10 minute read

Last week we asked you to vote on which game you’d like us to analyse this week and...

Tactical Analysis: Manchester City vs Arsenal

20-10-2020 Written by Luismi Loro 7 minute read

After a short break for international games, in which we analysed Read more...

Tactical Analysis: France vs Portugal

14-10-2020 Written by Luismi Loro 8 minute read

After last week's analysis of

What to Analyse in a Game of Football

08-10-2020 Written by Javi Mera 8 minute read

Javi Mera is a freelance scouting analyst and technician with extensive experience in Spa...

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