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Video Analysis According to Emery

04-06-2021 Written by Duncan Ritchie 11 minute read

In the press conference after the 2021 Europa League final, Unai Emery revealed that he and his team...

The Sharimg 4.0 Update Has Arrived

09-03-2021 Written by Duncan Ritchie 9 minute read

This is a call to all lucky people! Sharing version 4.0 is here with some br...

The Best Sports Video Analysis Courses for Football 2021

25-01-2021 Written by Duncan Ritchie 16 minute read

We strive to bring you the most up-to-date information about courses around the world that use Nacsp...

Sport Business Academy: New Nacsport Distributor for Football in France

20-01-2021 Written by Duncan Ritchie 1 minute read

We’re happy to announce that Sport Business Academy (, a company...

Goodbye 2020, and Good Riddance!

30-12-2020 Written by Duncan Ritchie 8 minute read

There are but a few days until the end of the year and, as always, we like to look back on some of t...

The Top 10 Nacsport Blogs of 2020

27-12-2020 Written by Duncan Ritchie 8 minute read

The end of the year is traditionally a time to reflect on what’s gone before and look forward...

A Huge Leap for Sharimg with Version 3.5

17-12-2020 Written by Duncan Ritchie 3 minute read

A new update for arrives today. Version 3.5 sees a huge leap in quality for this online...

The Best Sports Video Analysis Courses for Football 2020

01-10-2020 Written by Duncan Ritchie 11 minute read

As we said in a previous article, a good video analyst should always be looking to better themselves...

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