Video Analysis in Amateur Football: EMM '21

By Duncan Ritchie

08-March-2024 on Users

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At Nacsport, it has always been our belief that video analysis can benefit every team in every sport at every level. 


Take football, for example. We believe that our software should be affordable and accessible to everyone, not just the elite at the very top of the game. And that’s why we offer a comprehensive range of software to suit all budgets and any level of experience.


And we’ve got a great example of that in today’s article. EMM '21 are a Dutch amateur club playing in Holland’s 7th level of football, but they still recognise the importance of video analysis for improving their performance.


Let’s hear more, courtesy of the club’s video analyst, Sander van der Meer…


Meet Sander van der Meer



Sander van der Meer has had a lifelong association with EMM '21. He started playing with them as a child and now, as an adult, his children play for the club too.


EMM '21 largely relies on volunteers to keep it running and Sander is no different. Having had various roles at the club previously, he now leads the video analysis team.


Sander took up this position in 2015 when a new head coach arrived and saw the benefits and need for video analysis. This coach believed that the discipline was essential for training the team and providing insights into the game.


The coach was searching for someone to spearhead this new activity and Sander stepped up. Now, nine years later, He is still thoroughly ensconced in video analysis at the club and leads a team of five or six people, all of who use Nacsport for the purpose of gaining insight into the game.


So, let’s hand over to Sander and let him answer a few questions in his own words.




Hi Sander. Can you tell us how you use video analysis at the club?



Hi there! Well, our video analysis team consists of 5 people who film the matches according to a schedule. In addition to these people, there is one person who tags games live in the dug-out in close cooperation with the coach. 


Once every 5 weeks, I film a competition myself and the head coach himself does a video debriefing with the team every Tuesday.



What’s the goal of your video analysis work?



Video analysis is included in the technical plan of EMM '21, which means that every new member of the coaching team has to use it. 


The goal is to be able to give the team clearer training instructions and, at the same time, we also tag the actions of each individual player


We share video clips and game data through the Nacsport Hub platform and they are expected to have studied the previous game before the Tuesday debriefing.




Does every team at the club use video analysis?



Video analysis is used as standard with the first team at EMM '21. 


In addition, we analyse the other teams on request. This includes the U13s where it is often used in game debriefings.


The younger teams will receive a summary of the highlights of the match. The benefits of this are twofold. First, it lets them get acquainted with video analysis and how it’s used, which they are sure to encounter more of as they move up the ranks.


Secondly, it’s just nice for kids of this age to be able to watch back a game, something that doesn’t often happen at this level.


What do you think are the main benefits of video analysis?


Obviously, it can be difficult to recall everything that happens during a game. Recall is very subjective and every player may have experienced certain moments of the game differently.


Video analysis allows us to give players an objective view of the match, showing them the reality of what happened on the field. 


This is the biggest advantage of using video during our debriefings, but also, because every player is tagged individually, they gain more insights into their own performance and can work towards improving their own game using this info.


How do you use Nacsport?



We’ve been using Nacsport Basic+ since 2015 and this we also started using Nacsport Hub, which is an online platform designed for sharing video clips and game data with our colleagues and players, amongst other things. We also work with Nacsport Tag&view, which allows us to tag a game on an iPad.


When it comes to tagging a game, the video analysts have worked together with the coaches to create a tagging window which is used on the iPad. In this beginning, there were just a few buttons, but now it’s more complex, so we can tag actions such as a - header duel > midfield > won / lost.


Tagging in this manner gives us a series of video clips for the entire match containing very specific moments of the game which we then upload to the Hub platform.


By using Hub, the coaches and players can review all the tagged actions at home. Previously, this was only possible with a stand-alone laptop.


As I said, this is the first season we have been using Hub and it really makes the process much faster, allowing us to share our insights into the game with multiple people at once.


Hub has been a great addition to the video analysis work we do with Nacsport Basic+.


Can you give some concrete examples of tools you use and their benefits?



Apart from tagging a game with both Nacsport desktop and Nacsport Tag&view, the other feature that we use habitually is the presentations tool.


This allows us to select and compile the most relevant actions that we tag and put them into separate lists. These are then uploaded to the Hub platform for review by coaches and players.


Video presentations are also given during the game debriefing at our Tuesday training sessions. These usually last for around 30 minutes.


Currently, we are trying to incorporate KlipDraw into our work. This tool would allow us to add drawings to our video clips, making them clearer and easier to understand for the players.


There are many tools in Nacsport Basic+ that we are just scratching the surface with, and we look forward to continuing to incorporate them into our analysis work.


And there concludes this fascinating look at video analysis at the amateur level. Even though EMM '21 are playing in the lower leagues, and the club is mostly run by volunteers, they still have a rock solid foundation for video analysis and an enthusiastic team conducting it.


As we said at the beginning of this blog, video analysis can be of benefit to everyone. If you are interested in finding out more about how to make use of it at your club, we recommend starting a free 30-day Nacsport trial. Click here to get started.


You can also get more info about the full range of Nacsport software here. And, of course, if you have any other questions about our software, or video analysis in general, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.


We would like to say a huge thank you to Sander van der Meer for taking time out from his busy schedule to talk to us. It’s very much appreciated, sir.


Lastly, we would like to thank the good people at CaJa Sport Software, Nacsport's distributors in Holland and Germany, for all the hard work they do with teams such as EMM '21 and on our behalf. Top work, friends.


Thanks for reading.


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Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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