10 Surprising Differences Between Hudl Sportscode and Nacsport (According to Experts)

By Duncan Ritchie

20-July-2020 on Users

13 minute read

As we said in a previous post, coaches and analysts around the world are making the Smart Move and changing their sports video analysis software from Hudl Sportscode to Nacsport.


But why? Well, for quite a few reasons, to be honest, so…


We’ve spoken to several professional analysts who have already made the Smart Move and they have helped us compile a list of 10 things that, in their opinion, will surprise you if you’re thinking about changing your analysis software from Hudl Sportscode to Nacsport…



*Please Note: We are currently in the process of updating this page for 2024. For a comprehensive comparison of Nacsport and Hudl Sportscode, we recommend reading this article from our friends at AnalysisPro.



1. Dashboards


One thing all the analysts we spoke to mentioned was how easy it is to create Dashboards in Nacsport compared to Hudl Sportscode.


We already covered this in an article last year when we compared the creation of a simple Dashboard to measure possession in both programs and Nacsport was the clear winner. Why?


No coding!


There’s no denying that you can create powerful dashboards in Hudl Sportscode, we wouldn’t want to say otherwise, but the fact is, it can be a laborious process, especially if you’re not entirely au fait with coding. With Nacsport, you work with a graphical interface and can create a Dashboard in seconds without even touching the keyboard.


Anyway, instead of re-treading old ground, we’ll simply leave this video here so you can see for yourself how quick and easy it is to create a functional Nacsport Dashboard.




2. Search Tool


Here’s one of the first features that is unique to Nacsport…and something that is indispensable for the professional analyst…the Search Tool.



This allows you to find specific categories, descriptors or combinations of both from multiple timelines in the My Analysis section of Nacsport. Found clips show multiple angles and can be played, exported or added to the Presentation environment for further review and analysis.


This means that Nacsport users can quickly pick out key moments from their analysis over a whole season…or even multiple seasons.


3. Panel Flows


Panel flows essentially allow analysts to simplify their data collection processes and increase the accuracy by linking various Button Template windows which flow from one to the next, following a logical chain of notation.



Hudl Sportscode, admittedly allows you to use activation links and scripts to help in the data gathering process, but all of this has to be done on a single static window.


There’s simply nothing like the smooth, flowing style of Nacsport!


4. Clustered Buttons


What’s one of the most important things for a sports analyst? That’s right…data! Beautiful raw data just waiting to be manipulated. And that’s what the Nacsport Clustered Button feature gives you. More data in less clicks.



In fact, when you combine Clustered Buttons with Panel Flows, Activation Links, Auto-Descriptors, Automatic Presentations and pre-set Excel exports within the Button Template, Nacsport becomes, arguably, the most comprehensive tool on the market for collecting and managing data and video!


5. Graphic Descriptors


We tee off the back half with another Nacsport exclusive tool, Enhanced Graphic Descriptors.



Graphic Descriptors are used to add a visual representation of the field of play to your Button Template. This allows you to collect XY coordinate data and additional descriptor data with a simple click on the correct area of the pitch. Multiple clicks can be used to show movement patterns, heatmaps and to show additional details such as distance and speed.


This tool is simple to create but can add so much to your analysis. And, what’s more, you can integrate the data collected with the Dashboard meaning that Enhanced Graphic Descriptors can be used for live review as well as post-game.



Welcome to the halfway point of the article, by now your ears might by pricking up to the power of Nacsport so, we’d like to invite you to try it for yourself by downloading a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL, right now (or after you’re finished reading this article)!


Let’s continue with our list…



6. KlipDraw Integration


Our faithful sidekick, the ever cheerful KlipDraw, is fully integrable into Nacsport meaning that you can have a professional telestrator at your fingertips without having to leave the main program and mess around with saving, loading and importing to another program.



And, like everything related to Nacsport, the process of integrating the program is simple. Usability is what we strive for in everything we do, and it’s these types of small touches that mean we are rapidly becoming a favourite of professional analysts around the globe.


7. Presentations


In the presentation environment, there are a few things that Nacsport handles in a different, some would say better, way to Hudl Sportscode. Not only can you add illustrations to videos with KlipDraw Animate, but it’s also a simple process to seamlessly insert PowerPoint slides into your presentations.



Why is this important? Well, it’s all about communication. Why else do we analyse video but to communicate our findings to the team or coach. By adding PPT slides, KlipDraw animations and, indeed, audio and text notes, communication is smoothed and delivery improved.


Another huge advantage of the Nacsport presentation environment is that it eliminates the need for "databasing". Hudl Sportscode users need to create "databases" by combining parts of different timelines together, in order to create reports on multiple games. 


In Nacsport, on the other hand, the Presentation window can be used as a place to compile clips, animations and slides from multiple games, keeping them together, and saving storage space to boot. Once these clips are brought together in a presentation window, you can review a Matrix and Dashboard for these combined clips to easily show your data reports and better understand your analysis.


Therefore, the Presentation window in Nacsport becomes a powerhouse for both reviewing and analysing your video and data without taking up additional video storage space and leaving you with a ready made presentation for sharing with your team too. What more could you want?


8. Import / Export Options


Something else our pro-analyst consultants told us they were surprised about when they started using Nacsport is the sheer amount of export options available.



Whether you want to export your analysis to CSV, XML, PDF or XLS, you can do it with Nacsport. Speaking of XLS files, there are 5 different export options which allow you to export to Excel, each in a distinctive way, giving you full control.



And what about import options? Well, there are plenty of those too! As well as XML and CSV formats, you can also import a wide range of files and formats from data providers such as Opta.


The cherry on top? Well...you can actually import Hudl Sportscode timeline data into Nacsport to work on. This means that anyone who does make the Smart Move to Nacsport won't lose any of their important analysis work. Simply boot it up in Nacsport instead.



Want more? We are also affiliated with file storage and sharing site Sharimg which has been specifically developed for handling sports video analysis. Like KlipDraw, it is fully integrable into Nacsport and allows you to export your analysis directly to the cloud, share it with your team in an instant and, again, improve communication.



9. Range of Software


Although we’ve been talking about many professional tools in this article, we want to highlight the fact that Nacsport is for everyone.


With a range of software which is suitable for the absolute beginner to seasoned pro and prices apt for deep pockets and modest budgets alike, there is a Nacsport product for everyone.


Our range goes from the cheap and cheerful Basic, which allows budding analysts to get a foot in the door, all the way up to Elite, the powerful, all conquering tool of choice for top-flight teams.


We also make it easy to upgrade software licenses and, for example, someone who has been using our Basic+ program and finds themselves in need of more advanced tools can easily upgrade to Nacsport Scout, or beyond to Pro or even Elite, by simply paying the difference. With the Nacsport upgrade option there’s no need to buy the software again.


sports analysis nacsport upgrade


This provides a natural progression for those trying to penetrate the world of performance analysis and generates loyalty in our product.


10. Lifetime Licenses


Obviously, price is going to play a big part in any decision to change the structure of your performance analysis software, so let’s start there.


Yes, Nacsport is much cheaper than Sportscode, that’s a given. Even so, they both possess a similar set of features and, as you've already seen, Nacsport has some completely exclusive tools.


But there is one other consideration we must mention when talking about price…lifetime licenses.


The Nacsport business model states that once you buy the software, it’s yours. Your analysis data and workflows will be safe and even if you decide to opt out of our Support and Update Service your software will continue to function (as long as there are no major conflicts with operating system updates – one reason why we would always recommend the this service).


Compare this to Sportscode, where you pay to renew your license every year at considerable cost, and you can see why Nacsport becomes such an attractive alternative.


In this article, Nacsport founder, Alberto Rodríguez explains why he believes that the Nacsport business model is the correct one for performance analysis software.


Note: this does not apply to the add-ons Coach Station and Viewer which are renewed annually. 


Nacsport: A Viable Alternative to Hudl Sportscode


So, there you have it, 10 things that might surprise you when moving to Nacsport from Sportscode, according to the experts.


But don’t just take our word for it, try it yourself. Why not get in contact with us for a chat or to organise a FREE, no-obligation demo?


We’re sure that once you try it, you’ll never go back. Send us a message at info@nacsport.com and we’ll get back to you to organise a face-to-face chat and get you set up.


Thanks for reading!

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Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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