12 Video Analysis Time Saving Tips for Pros

By Duncan Ritchie

03-August-2023 on Tips

18 minute read

Analysts are obsessed with saving time. This is especially true in the professional world, where, with multiple games per week, time is at a premium.


With this in mind, this article offers a dozen tips that will allow you to save many hours during an analysis.


These are generally small processes which may, at first glance, seem to only save a few seconds. But when accumulated over the course of a season, we’re talking about many hours of saved time.


So, let’s get started…



This article is a continuation of a previous one which offered twelve basic tips for saving time. The difference in this article is that the tools featured in our professional range of software - Nacsport Scout, Pro and Elite.


If you use Nacsport Basic and Basic+ and like the sound of some of the tools we’re talking about today, we’d encourage you to think about a Nacsport Upgrade. This is a system we have where you simply pay the difference between the software you currently use and the software you would like to use. This means that you don’t have to pay the full price of the higher version from scratch.


If this is something that interests you, get in touch with one of our analysis experts today and they will explain and facilitate the process.


Ok, now that’s out of the way, let’s get down to business. Here’s your first tip for saving time during an analysis… 



Graphic Descriptors

[Scout, Pro and Elite]

Graphic descriptors give you visual information about where actions are taking place on the field. Basically, you place an image of the field on your tagging window which you then use to tag the approximate location of the action.


Depending on the version of Nacsport you use, you can then use this positional data during the analysis phase to create heat maps, movement maps, area maps and more. You can find out more about graphic descriptors in this blog.

nacsport graphic descriptors


How Can This Tip Save You Time?

Graphic descriptors are an excellent tool for filtering clips by area. They allow you to quickly and easily map out the game and add an additional layer of data which would take you many hours to do otherwise.



Panel Flows

[Pro and Elite]


This tool allows to divide your tagging window into several smaller panels which can be accessed in sequence. This means that there is a logical flow to your tagging, going from one panel to the next depending on the tags you make.


Nacsport Pro allows you to create up to three different panels, whilst Nacsport Elite is completely unlimited - you can have as many panels and buttons as you need.


For more information on this tool, check out this blog.


nacsport panel flows


How Can This Tip Save You Time?

Dividing your tagging window into smaller panels is an excellent idea for multiple reasons. Firstly, it’s a much faster method of tagging a game because your tagging window is better organised and much more logical. Panel flow tagging windows also tend to be smaller in size, so you save space on your screen. In addition, it’s harder to miss essential tags because of the essential flow from one panel to the next. This means that you don’t have to spend time at the end of the tagging phase adding descriptors that you may have missed the first time round.



Clustered Buttons

[Pro and Elite]


Clustered buttons allow you to layer your buttons one on top of each other. Clicking areas where these buttons overlapped will simultaneously tag every button in the cluster. 


nacsport clustered buttons


In addition, Nacsport Elite has a new tool called Cluster Pins which allows you to tag clustered areas using a keyboard shortcut. Check out the video below for information on this fantastic feature.



How Can This Tip Save You Time?

If your tagging window is well organised, a single click will create multiple tags at the same time. This means that you don’t have to click categories and descriptors that are linked habitually over and over again. This is a huge time saver - a few simple clicks can translate into hundreds of different tags.



Activation Links



Activation links are similar to clustered buttons in that the allow you to tag various actions at the same time. But instead of being layered on top of each other, they are linked together in a chain. 


Another advantage of using activation links is that, as the name suggests, they can activate or deactivate buttons which are included in the chain. Very useful when using manual categories, for example. 


This is an excellent tool, but there is a slight learning curve when using them for the first time. But the results are well worth the time you put into them. Check out this blog for a more detailed explanation of this tool and how it can be used.


nacsport activation links


How Can This Tip Save You Time?


Like with clustered buttons, this tool tags more data with less clicks. Link buttons together in a chain and click one to tag the full chain. This gives you a quicker, deeper analysis in less time.



Autolists and Autopresentations

[Pro and Elite]


Autolists and autopresentations are behaviours which can be assigned to your buttons that do exactly what the name suggests - create lists and presentations automatically.

nacsport autolists autopresentations


As a bonus, Nacsport Hub users will be able to feed data to the Team Tracking Area of the platform in just a few clicks.

Hub Team Tracking area


How Can This Tip Save You Time?


Autolists will add clips to a list which has the same name as the button the behaviour is assigned to. When creating a presentation, Nacsport will automatically add lists with the button name to the presentation.


Autopresentations add clips to a presentation (.pre) with the same name as the button. This presentation will be divided into organised lists with the nae of each video you have used in the analysis.


In addition, as we have said, autopresentations can be fed directly to the Nacsport Hub Team Tracking Area. This saves an enormous amount of time when uploading your work to our online platform.



Quick Share Links 

[Scout, Pro and Elite]


Quick share links allow you to share Nacsport tagging windows, analysis data and presentations through a generated download link. You can even share this material between Windows and Mac operating systems. 


Note: quick share links can be created and opened in Nacsport Pro and Elite. Links can only be opened in Nacsport Scout, not created.


Check out this tutorial to see how they work:



How Can This Tip Save You Time?


Quick share links cut out the process of exporting, importing and, in the case of sharing between operating systems, converting your analysis resources. Generate a link and download it from our server. Quick as you like. What more do you want?



Export Clips During Live Capture

[Pro and Elite]


For those of you that tag live video, this tool is extremely useful. It basically allows you to export video clips on the fly and save them anywhere on your hard drive, including in a shared folder such as Dropbox or Drive.


This makes it incredibly quick and easy to share important clips with teammates on the go.



How Can This Tip Save You Time?


Pretty self explanatory this one. Export clips to Dropbox, Drive, even the web version of Whatsapp and give your teammates instant access to your analysis work, helping them make decisions about the game being played.



Review and Edit Clips During Live Capture

[Pro and Elite]


This tool, reserved for Nacsport Elite, is designed for live analysis work. Without pausing the video capture, you can go back to any previously tagged clip, edit it or tag new actions without waiting for the live capture to finish.



How Can This Tip Save You Time?


Take advantage of breaks in play to redo, edit or tag new clips. This means you save a lot of time post-match going through your clips again and ensuring that everything is tagged correctly.



Clip Filter

[Pro and Elite]


When you work with large volumes of data, you need to have a tool with which you can quickly filter and search through your clips to find exactly what you need. And that’s exactly what the Clip Filter does. Nacsport Pro users can filter through up to three analysis, whilst Elite users can search through as many analyses as they want.


nacsport clip filter

How Can This Tip Save You Time?

This is probably the most powerful filtering tool available in the Nacsport suite of products. Find what you need, when you need it without having to trawl through folders and subfolders. In addition, search results can be sent directly to the presentations environment, saving even more time.



Open Tagging Windows in the Timeline



So, you’ve finished the tagging phase of your analysis, but now you’re on the timeline and discover you’re missing some important information and you’re analysis is currently incomplete. Don’t worry, with this feature, you can open your tagging window directly from the timeline and use it without going back to the analysis phase. You can even add a new button to your tagging window and add more data to your analysis.



How Can This Tip Save You Time?


Again, this is pretty obvious, but using this feature means that you don’t have to go back to the start of the analysis process. It’s a great way to enrich your analysis, edit it and make it better without leaving the timeline environment.



Custom Matrixes

[Pro and Elite]


The custom matrix, ​​available in Pro and Elite, once again provides another very efficient way to organise and filter your categories and descriptors. Simply choose the categories and descriptors that you want to be displayed, save the parameters and open your personalised matrix with the exact data you need.



How Can This Tip Save You Time?


Any version of the data matrix will save you time, as it acts as a fantastic filtering tool for finding specific clips. Add to this the ability to limit the displayed info to what you need from as many games as you want, and you’ve got a really powerful filtering tool.



Variable Labels



Variable dashboard labels allow you to change the information displayed on a dashboard without opening an entirely new dashboard.


Imagine you want to see the data for each one of your players, same categories but different descriptors, you don’t need to create a new dashboard for every player in the team. No, instead you can use a system of variable labels.


Select the information you want to see from a drop down menu and get all the info you need without having to change the dashboard.



How Can This Tip Save You Time?


You will save time both on the creation of the dashboard and when consulting the information help within. Firstly, you won’t have to create a separate dashboard for each variable element such as players, opposition, games, etc. Also, every time you want to consult the data, you won’t have to open and close them. Everything is reduced to a single dashboard, which will save a lot of time at the end of the day.



Final Thoughts


Having a version of Nacsport in the mid to top of our range takes you to another level of analysis. Every version will allow you to get great insights into the game, but having the superior tools in the higher version will allow you to get much deeper into your data in less time.


If you’re a pro analyst, you need these tools. Even if you’re not a professional but your budget can stretch to the upper side of the range, we thoroughly recommend that you do.


As you will have seen throughout this article, the amount of data you can get in a short amount of time is absolutely amazing. These tools streamline your workflow to the point where a single click can get you deep inside a play.


It’s true that you’ll have to invest a bit of time to set up your tagging windows and dashboards to your liking, but once this process is done, well, the world is your oyster.


If you would like more information on any of the tools you have read about in this article or want more information about upgrading your version of Nacsport, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.


Until then…


Thanks for reading.

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Are you enjoying this article?

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Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter!

Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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