Badminton: Using Video Analysis to Improve Performance

By Duncan Ritchie

27-April-2022 on Tips

9 minute read

In sport today, it’s hard to think of any discipline which doesn’t use technology to help improve performance and evolve the game. And badminton is no exception. Here we’re talking about a sport in which video analysis is gaining more ground every day, consolidating itself as the perfect tool for both players and coaches.


This is not something new or with no basis in reality, as video analysis was used by the Netherland’s Association of Badminton Coaches (VBO) during a recent international tournament.

Video Analysis for Badminton Training


Although badminton has greater prominence in Asian countries, especially Indonesia, badminton has been growing in popularity around the world for decades. And with this growth, myriad training methods have also sprang up. In such a technical sport, where almost every movement can be analysed in order to improve performance and obtain a slight advantage over an opponent, video analysis has become a major ally in its development.


Thanks to the use of video analysis, coaches can review, not only games, but also training sessions, highlighting the strengths of the athletes and the aspects of the game they need to improve. Being able to do this through carefully selected video images which hone in on areas of improvement is a major boon for coaches and the development of the athlete.


This was confirmed to us a few years ago at the Yondex Dutch Junior Championships in 2018, where Nacsport distributor CaJa Sport Software held a seminar and feedback session for badminton coaches. In addition, they were able to hone their badminton video analysis work methodology on site.


badminton analysis


The Template: The First Big Step


So, how is video analysis work carried out in badminton? Well, the first step is to design a button template. To do this, you must first define which particular actions you want to analyse and highlight. Once this has been decided, it’s time to open Nacsport and start designing your template. This is a fundamental step in the process, as everything you do later will be based on this template.


If you’re not sure how to get started with your button template, we recommend using this template, which can be downloaded completely free from the materials section of our website. You can also edit it according to your preferences and needs. After all, every coach will have their own methods.


nacsport badminton template

Get This FREE Badminton Template Here


This sample template has been designed, in the first instance, for game analysis, where both own actions and those of an opponent can be tagged. This, however, can easily be adapted for training sessions.


In it, you’ll find all these aspects of the game:


•    Service
•    Types of shot
•    Areas of the court
•    Game time


You should know that this template has been designed for Nacsport Scout, which is the intermediate software in our range. If, however, you use Nacsport Basic or Basic+, this template can easily be scaled down by reducing the features and number of buttons.


The Observation Phase


Ok, so we’ve decided on the objectives of our analysis and created the button template. Now what? Well, it’s time to start the observation. This can be done in real time, by capturing directly from the camera to the computer (you’ll need a capture device for this), or retrospectively, by importing the game video or training session into the program. 


There is also a third option, which is tagging without a video source. This option is ideal if you don’t have a camera but are going to receive the footage later. You simply do the analysis as you’re watching the game live in front of you and then import and sync up the video at a later time.


During the observation stage, actions are tagged by clicking the buttons on your template.


nacsport badminton


Once the observation phase has been completed, we can go to the Nacsport timeline, where actions can be reviewed and the clips that have been collected can be modified. Statistical dashboards can also be created and videos can be added to presentations, which we’ll look at later.


Add Drawings to Videos


In addition to the above, drawings can be added to your videos. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and, it’s true, that a video frame which contains explanatory drawings will be much more effective when showing it to a player.


In Nacsport, drawings are created using the KlipDraw Basic tool, which is integrated directly into the program by default. However, KlipDraw Animate and Motion can both also be integrated through a paid for license. This opens even more possibilities for your analysis. 



Present Conclusions


Now it’s time to prepare the content which will be shown to the player. This is easily done in Nacsport, where you can create as many playlists as you need to in order to get the point across to the athlete. This is a fundamental phase of the analysis process, especially since the previous steps will be ineffectual if confusing or irrelevant information is passed to the player at this point.


Presentations can be given from within Nacsport itself or exported as a produced video to be sent to the player. The latter is ideal, as the player can rewatch it as many times as they need to.



Tag&view: Mobile Analysis


In addition to tagging options we mentioned above, there is one last option for those who work on the frontline observing games and training sessions…Tag&view. This mobile app allows you to both film and tag a game using your iPad or iPhone.


This app is the ideal complement to Nacsport and helps expand the possibilities of analysis work. Of course, you must bear in mind that, in order to work with Tag&view, the button template will have to be adapted specifically for the app, as not all the functions of Nacsport are available on the lightweight version.


If you would like more information on how Tag&view works, we recommend taking a look at this informative video.



Need More Info?


If you need more information, or simply want to have a chat about your video analysis needs, our experts are at your disposal to help you achieve your goals.


Get in contact with us through our website and we’ll arrange a time to talk to you. Give us just minutes of your time and we’ll show you how video analysis can be used to improve badminton performance.


Thanks for reading!

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Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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