20 Programs and Tools to Help You Get the Most Out of Nacsport

By Duncan Ritchie

13-July-2020 on Tips

13 minute read

One of our main goals in 2020 is to give our users more power. As well as improving the end-user experience of our own software, this also means increasing compatibility with external tools, apps and software.


To that end, we’ve created this list of 19 programs and apps to help you get the most out of Nacsport.


*Note: This list originally consisted of 20 tools, but has been reduced to 19 due to the demise of InStat.

Data Providers


2. Opta (from Scout onwards)


As with InStat, Nacsport allows for the import of another leading sports data provider: Opta. In this case, you can do a customised import of Opta’s F24 data files from Scout and up.


Amongst the customisation options, you can configure names, colours, order and Pre / Post times. The software will convert “events” and “qualifiers” (Opta nomenclature) into Categories and Descriptors as you see fit.



3. Wyscout (from Basic+ onwards)


Wyscout is another of the world’s biggest sports data providers. The import process is very similar to that of InStat and you can see the import process of both platforms in the following video.



4. FIBA LiveStats (Elite)


FIBA LiveStats is one of the most popular tools in the world of basketball for match statistics and was developed in collaboration with FIBA.


If you work in the world of professional basketball and use Nacsport Elite for analysis, you can import this data into our program.


5. Synergy (Elite)


In order to import Synergy data to Nacsport, you have to do an initial export in .csv format. Then, using Nacsport, you will be able to customise the import of said data, making your analysis work faster and more comfortable.



Video Analysis Tools


6. Hudl Sportscode (from Basic+ onwards)


Considering the number of analysts and coaches who have either migrated from Hudl Sportscode to Nacsport or use both tools in combination, this is probably where we have made most effort to provide synergy between both programs.


In Basic+, you’ll be able to import Sportscode XML files. Doing this is similar to the import processes we discussed above. However, you must first convert files from their native SC format to XML in order to import them.


You can also do this process in reverse by exporting Nacsport files in XML for use in Sportscode. In the following video, we explain how this is done.



In Scout and the other programs in our professional range, Pro and Elite, you can import Sportscode’s Timeline data to Nacsport in their native formats, .SPpkg and GBpkg.



7. Dartfish (from Basic+ onwards)


As with in previous cases, you must first export Dartfish data in .cvs format in order to import it into Nacsport. This process can also be applied to their app, EasyTag.



8. KlipDraw (available in all Nacsport programs)


KlipDraw is a video analysis telestrator which allows you to add illustrations and animations to your videos. It has a wide variety tools which allow you obtain impressive results and is stunningly simple to use.


You can integrate KlipDraw directly into Nacsport so the workflow between both programs is natural and convenient, allowing you to add an extra visual element to your Nacsport video presentations.



9. Sharimg (all programs)


Sharimg is an online platform which has been developed specifically for sharing sports videos and analysis in a safe, controlled online environment. It also aids communication within a team, allowing for public and private conversations with players, groups or the entire squad.


Sharimg’s integration with Nacsport is nothing short of incredible, allowing you to upload videos directly from our software without having to export them first.



Microsoft Office Suite


10. Excel (all programs)


Most of the tools we’ve looked at so far have allowed you to import data into Nacsport, but there are many options for doing the reverse, exporting Nacsport data to other tools.


One obvious example of this, and one of the most used in our field, is MS Excel. You can easily generate spreadsheets from your analysis, either for your own use or for use in another platform, in five different ways as we’ll see in this video.



Of these five export options, format 2 is especially in demand, as it is extremely useful for creating files that can be read by data visualisation platforms such as Tableau and Power BI.


You can also export the Nacsport Data Matrix directly to Excel, although this option is only available from Basic+ onwards.



11. Power Point (from Scout onwards)


PowerPoint in your video analysis? Do you normally paste photos and videos into your presentations? Then this is for you.


We all know how useful PowerPoint is as a presentation tool. Simply paste images and videos and…away you go.


But what about the other way around? Can you import PPT slides and work with them from within Nacsport? Well, the answer is “yes”! Simply drag the project that contains the slides you are going to use to where you want them to appear within your Nacsport presentation.


This aids communication by allowing you to have your video presentations and PowerPoint projects together in one place without having to switch between them.



Data Visualization


12. Tableau (from Basic+ onwards)


Tableau is one of the market's leading data analysis and visualization tools. Although it is designed primarily for the business world, its huge analytical potential makes it an interesting proposition for sports video analysis.


You can import Nacsport data into Tableau by exporting to Excel in format 2 and post-editing with Alteryx (in order to interleave Excel columns and rows).


If you want to know more about how it is done, we would recommend this post from our friends at AnalysisPro.



13. Power BI (from Basic+ onwards)


Power BI is one of the best-known Business Inteligence (BI) tools on the market, allowing you to import and visualize large volumes of data to create intelligence reports.


In this article, we talk you through the process of preparing your Nacsport data for export and give you some insight into what Power BI can do.


Other tools


14. Duet Display (all programs)


Duet Display is an app for iPhone and iPad that transforms your device's screen into a secondary screen for your computer.


While it doesn't bring anything 'new' to the work you can already do with Nacsport (since you can work with a secondary screen at any time), it is true that some users have passed a template to their mobile device, and the results are apparent.


If you want to know how to use Duet Display with your computer, here's one tutorial from the many available on the Internet.




15. YouTube (from Basic+)


Whether you upload your matches to YouTube or watch them live via this platform, with Nacsport you only have to copy the URL and get to work!



16. Format Factory (from Basic)


Format Factory is the video file converter that our Support team usually recommends when asked. Although it is useful before you start working with Nacsport, we are intimately related and this is why we include it here.


17. Dropbox (from Scout)


Everyone knows Dropbox and what it’s used for, right? So, how does it interact with Nacsport? Well, we’ve included it here specifically for those who tend to work in real-time scenarios.


If you share video with the bench and they want to make a selection of videos available for use in the locker room, the following workflow could be of interest.


The transmitting device emits video that it shared with the receiving device. The user of the second device selects which videos they want to share, generating the video file in a folder of the first device.


If this is a shared folder (in this case, Dropbox), the file is generated directly to that folder, meaning that any computer connected to it has access to the folder and hence the video.


Note: If you don’t use Dropbox, this process can be used with any server the allows for file sharing.


Check out this fantastic post from our friends at AnalysisPro, where they describe a very similar process as used by Sheffield Steelers ice-hockey team.


Analysis Programs



18. Photoshop (all programs)


With Photoshop you create backgrounds for Templates, Graphic Descriptors and cool Dashboards. With a little creativity you can create a background then place the graphics and labels you want on top.


Here’s a example from one of our Irish users, Ben McGuckin, of a Dashboard used in Gaelic Football. The background is made with a graphic design program such as Photoshop and the numeric values placed on top come directly from our Dashboard environment.


19. Pixlr (all programs)


Pixlr is a decent and free alternative to Photoshop. Although you obviously won’t have the same number of design options as are available in Adobe’s design tool, you can replicate a large number of the processes.If you know how to use Photoshop, you won't find it difficult to understand this tool. It's online and you can get decent results for backgrounds for your Templates, Graphic Descriptors or Dashboards.


20. Twitter (from Scout onwards)


A little know tool which has been integrated into Nacsport since 2019, this allows you to share your Dashboard to Twitter. It’s useful for teams that want to publish real-time information directly from their computers.



And that’s our list, thanks for reading. As you can see, the prospects of programs that have synergy with Nacsport are myriad. Do you use any that aren’t included on this list? Do you think we’ve missed something important? Let us know at media@nacsport.com and we'll update our list, giving you credit.


On the other hand, if you’re not yet a Nacsport user and want to test the potential of some of these tools, we invite you to click on the link below and try Nacsport completely FREE for 30-days.



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Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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