Future Prospects with Nacsport: Youssoufa Moukoko

By Duncan Ritchie

18-August-2020 on News

8 minute read

Today, we take a look at a player that’s making waves across Europe; the 15-year-old Cameroonian wonderkid playing for Borussia Dortmond; the 34-goal prodigy; a player so promising that the Bundesliga have changed their age rules so he can play at the highest level next season; Germany’s worst kept secret; the “African Messi”: Youssoufa Moukoko.


Although there’s tremendous interest in this young man, it’s actually unlikely he’ll be moving from Dortmund any time soon, mostly due to his age and lack of experience. But as a prospect for the future, he’s well worth looking at.


So, let’s dive in…

Fact File


Age: 15                                                                                 Height: 172 cm


Left-Footed                                                                        German U19 International


Current Club: Borrusia Dortmund U19                                 Position: Striker


Matches played 20/21 season: 23                                    Goals: 34


Key skills: Deadly finishing, accurate long shooting, quick on the counter, naturally two-footed.





Moukoko was born and lived in the Cameroonian capital Yaoundé until the age of 10 when his parents moved to Germany. He joined Borussia Dortmund at the age of 13 and has since been described as a child prodigy, quickly moving up the ranks within the club.


He was the only 13-year-old to play in the U17 Bundesliga and, the following year, soon after his 14th birthday, moved up to play in the U19 Bundesliga, again the youngest player in the league. On his debut at this level, he scored six goals in his first match, a 9-2 victory versus Wuppertaler SV.


He then became the youngest player to ever play in UEFA Youth League when he was fielded against Barcelona.


A naturalised German, Moukoko has played for Germany U16 at national level, although he has been used sparingly as to save him from media scrutiny at such a young age.


Prior to the 2020/21 season, the Bundesliga changed their rules regarding age restrictions, lowering the minimum age to play in the league to 16. Many have speculated that this change came about specifically to accommodate Moukoko and his place in the Dortmund team. He is currently training with the full Dortmund team and is expected to make his first team debut shortly after his 16th birthday on the 20th of November 2020.


Basis of Analysis


Since we already have a fair idea of Moukoko’s record in the U19 Bundesliga last season (34 goals in 23 matches plus various assists, basically meaning that he was involved in a goal every 30 mins he was on the pitch…incredible), we decided to concentrate on the UEFA Youth League for this analysis.


We looked at these 5 matches Moukoko was involved in:

• Derby County. Loss. 1-3. 11/02/2020

• Slavia Praga. Win. 5-1. 10/12/2019

• FC Barcelona. Win. 1-2. 27/11/2019

• Inter de Milán. Loss. 4-1. 23/10/2019

• FC Barcelona. Win. 2-1. 17/09/2019


We focussed the analysis on Moukoko’s offensive skills, using downloaded data, together with the custom Nacsport import, to define the parameters we were going to focus on: shots on target, getting into attacking positions and counterattacks, among others.


The first thing we did was open the Nacsport Multiple Data Matrix to review all the information we gathered and this allowed us to cross reference all the categories (in this case, the name of the player) with all the descriptors for that category.



Top speed


In youth football, the difference in physique between players of different ages is usually well pronounced. But this doesn’t seem to be the case with Moukoko. Not only is there no evidence of this disadvantage but, in fact, his physical condition stands out above that of his rivals.



This is especially noticeable when it comes to his top speed, which is such that he is more than capable of leaving opponents eating his dust over the course of a few metres. This can easily be evidenced in the match against Inter.



Moukoko scored his team’s only goal in the 4-1 loss against the boys from Milan. After a series of one-twos, Moukoko attacked the free space with great ease, entering the Italian area and beating the keeper with a huge drive to the inside of the post.


A Cannonball Shot


Once again, Moukoko’s phsyique is the envy of players much older than himself. Despite the fact that he hasn’t even reached the age of 16, he can easily rival players three years his senior.


We'd like to highlight his powerful shooting ability. Something that becomes apparent even at the first glance of the young Cameroonian. Not only does he have power in both his feet (though being naturally left-footed, this is the side he tends to favour) but he isn’t scared to take a pop at goal from distance.



In one of his most productive matches in the UEFA Youth League, playing against Slavia Praha, Moukoko scored a scorching goal from outside the 18-yard box. Full control, a quick look up and…bang, top-left corner of the Czech goal. Simply stunning!



A Lethal Counter


His speed, combined with the offensive style of his team, is precisely why he is so deadly on the counterattack. Moukoko seems to have the enviable ability of mounting a counter from anywhere on the field, both individual and whilst connecting well with his teammates.





Youssafa Moukoko is a footballer with enormous potential. He has all the ingredients to become one of world’s greats.


However, it should be noted that a large part of his success is currently based on his physicality, especially his speed and his capability to hit the ball hard. Time will tell if he can compliment these skills with a measured and mature approach to the game.


For now, I’m sure Dortmund are backing him for success.


If you are interested in the power of sports video analysis, why not download a completely FREE no obligation Nacsport trial today?




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