Europe's Top Goal Scorers 2019/20 with Nacsport and InStat

By Duncan Ritchie

31-August-2020 on News

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Having recently analysed some of Europe’s top young players – Badashiel, Moukoko and Sancho - we thought we’d change up a gear today and look at the 10 top goalscorers in Europe during the 2019/20 season. We’re basically looking at every goal they scored during the season – domestic leagues, European competitions and international matches.

Analysis Template


We created a brand new button template specifically for strikers in order to analyse these videos and extract some insights.


As you can see from the above image, we’ve created our Button Template to measure the following:

Goal (Our only category in this case)

Part of the Body (Left / right foot, head or other)

Rating (Purely subjective on the part of analyst)

Time (Part of match goal was scored)

Build up to goal (Solo run, through ball, etc.)

Goal zone (Where the strike landed in the goal)

Pitch zone (Graphic descriptor to mark where on the pitch shot was taken from)


We've also created a Dashboard to display the statistics from each analysis. As you can see, everything is quite self-explanatory and we'll show you the completed Dashboard for each player:



We are happy to share both the Button Template and the Dashboard with you. If you would like to receive it, completely free of charge, email us at


On with the analysis... 


Robert Lewandowski – 61 Goals


The man from Bayern has had an unbelievable season, scoring 61 goals from 57 matches played, an extraordinary average of 1.05 goals per match. The Polish international is nothing short of deadly in the box, leading his team to victory in the Bundesliga, the DBF-Pokal and, of course, the Champions League, in which he scored an incredible 14 times.



Insights: As you can see from the above, it's all about the cross with Lewandowski. 24 of his goals, almost 40%, came from balls crossed into the box. On top of that 25% of his goals were scored by headers. As you can see from the heatmap, the majority of his goals came from around the 6 yard line.


Cristiano Ronaldo – 50 Goals


Ronaldo’s 2nd season in Italy was nothing short of spectacular. 31 goals and 6 assists in Serie A, making him the second highest goal scorer in the league behind Ciro Immobile (more on him later). Add in all other competitions and Ronaldo has a total of 50 goals in 55 matches, giving him an average of 0.91 goals per match.



Insights: 50 goals for Ronaldo this season but an incredible 17 of those goals, some 34%, came from the penalty spot. The 33 goals that did come from open play are much more dispersed than Lewandowski's with some incredible strikes from outside the box.



Erling Håland – 44 Goals


With 44 goals in 42 matches, the young Norwegian has a goal average equal to that of the Polish veteran occupying the first place in this list. Starting the season at Salzburg, Håland got straight to work scoring 6 goals in his first three Champions League matches. He finished the season at talent factory, Borussia Dortmund, joining in January 2020 and making an immediate impact with a hattrick in his first game against Augsburg.



Insights: Check out the concentration of that heatmap. Almost all of his goal came from within the 18 yard box and almost half of those from within the 6 yard box. Haland has proven himself to be a top poacher!



Ciro Immobile – 42 Goals


In a season which included 36 league goals, enough to make him the Italian recipient of the Golden Boot and equalling the all-time Italian record for most goals scored in a season, Immobile also scored his 100th Serie A goal for Lazio back in November. 42 goals in total from 47 matches gives Immobile an enviable 0.84 goals per game.



Insights: The left corner of the 6 yard box is where Immobile is most comfortable, that being where the majority of his goals came from. In fact, Immobile is one of the only players on this list who registered zero goals from outside the 18 yarder.



Romelu Lukaku – 38 Goals


38 goals in 54 matches gives Lukaku a more than stellar total of 0.7 goal average per match in a season where he debuted for Inter Milan. Adding his 26 goals in Serie A to his international and European competition goals, Lukaku completely destroyed his previous best for goals in a season. Unfortunately, he’ll probably be most remembered for the last goal of the season he scored (not included in his tally), an own goal in the 75th minute of the Europa League final which proved decisive in a match where Seville won 3-2.



Insight: The big Belgian is at his best when running at defenses and receiving the ball fed through from midfield. 37% of his goals were scored in this manner. Lukaku also has one of the best goals ratings from our analyst (but keep in mind that this is completely subjective).


Raheem Sterling – 37 Goals


In a season which included 3 hattricks, Sterling scored a total of 37 times from 59 games, giving him an average of 0.64 per game. Possibly the sweetest of these strikes came in Manchester City’s 2-1 defeat of habitual champions Real Madrid, his 100th goal for City.



Insights: A lethal right foot puts Sterling near the top of this list. Absolutely deadly from just outside the 6 yard box where the majority of his goals were scored from. There are also a few goals scored with "other". Basically this means that he tripped and fell and the ball bounced of his body and went into the net.



Alexander Sørloth – 37 Goals


After joining Turkish Süper Lig side Trabzonspor on loan at the beginning of last season, the big Norwegian went on to score 29 goals for his club, making him the highest scoring foreign player in the history of the Turkish side. With a grand total of 37 from 53, Sørloth has a 0.68 goal average.


Insights: Joining Immobile as the only other player who scored all his goals from inside the 18 yard box, Sørloth has a deadly left foot and a surprising turn of pace when running at defences. Another surprising statistic here is that 11 of goals goals came in the first 15 minutes of their respective matches and 10 within the last 15. Nothing like starting and finishing strong!



Harry Kane – 36 Goals


Despite a hamstring injury in January, followed by the COVID-19 crisis, both of which kept him off the pitch for several months, Spurs’ top-striker still managed to net an impressive 36 from 45 played. 0.8 goals per match for the season is an amazing showing.



Insights: Absolutely lethal from anywhere, with a dispersal pattern of shots from all round the 18 yard box and beyond. One memorable goal even coming from just inside the opponents half.



Timo Werner – 35 Goals


In his last season for RB Leipzig before joining Chelsea this summer, Werner racked up a few impressive milestones, not least of which was his 35 goals in 49 matches 0.66 average. In November last year, Werner become the youngest ever player to play in 200 Bundesliga games and, at almost the same time, he ran out for RB Leipzig for the hundredth time, eventually finishing his tenure with a total of 95 goals.



Insights: All of Werner's 35 goals came from the bottom half of his body. Not one header, which is perhaps unusual for a centre forward. The majority of his goals, a huge 80%, were low drives directly underneath the keeper.



Lionel Messi – 35 Goals


Down quite a bit from his 54 goals 2018/19 total, Messi’s strike rate for this season is nevertheless impressive. 35 goals in 48 games gives him an average 0.69 per game. The Barcelona legend continues to cement his reputation as one of the greats and we’re sure this will continue wherever he may end up playing this season.


Insights: He may be last on this list but, according to our analyst, Messi has more 5 star goals than anyone else with 13. Check out the heatmap...that little group of circles just outside the box to the right? Those are some of the most stunning free-kicks that you'll see anywhere, proving that Messi has lost none of his class despite the drop in total goals.



The Final Tally


So, let's take all the statistics of these 10 amazing players and put them together into one final Dashboard...



Our final tally stands at 414 goals with 183 being rate 4 or 5 stars. The majority of goals came from low drives and, one of the most surprising statistics for me is that only 8 came from freekicks, 5 of these belonging to Messi!


All in all, this is a celebration of goals and we've seen some absolute beauts. We hope you have enjoyed this article and the insights we've given you into Europe's top goal scorers.


This article was created using Nacsport Elite with videos downloaded from InStat football. For more information on the special deal between Nacsport and InStat, click here. To download a FREE trial of any Nacsport product, click the link below.


Thanks for reading!




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