The Price of Nacsport: How Much Does the Software Cost?

By Duncan Ritchie

31-May-2022 on News

12 minute read

How much does Nacsport cost? Do I have to pay for it every year? Is it possible to pay in installments? How do 'lifetime licenses' work? Is there an annual subscription option?


These are common questions which we get asked on a daily basis. In this article, we explain how our pricing policy works and show you how much a Nacsport software license will cost you.


First of all, please note that there are 8 different programs in our range of software (plus a free app), and, in terms of licensing and payment, they don’t all work in the same way.


Let’s kick off with an explanation of some of the core concepts of Nacsport payment and, later, we’ll talk about each product, case by case.

Two Important Concepts: License and the Support and Updates Service (SUS)


These are two concepts that we’ll talk about throughout this article, so we think it’s important to define them at the outset.




This is the activation code that allows you to use the program. Without a license, it’s impossible to use Nacsport.



Support and Updates Service (SUS)

This is an annual payment which gives the user access to technical assistance and program updates. Updates generally include new tools and fixes designed to improve the Nacsport experience.



Different Types of License


Lifetime License

Some Nacsport products come with the option of purchasing a Lifetime Licenses. But what does this mean? 


Well, basically, once you buy Nacsport, you’ve bought it. The software is yours to use as you see fit and you won’t have to pay for it again. This is a different model to that favoured by many other video analysis programs such as Sportscode with whom the user has to pay a yearly subscription to be able to continue using the software.


So which software in the Nacsport range gives you the option of buying a Lifetime License?


•      Basic+
•      Scout
•      Pro
•      Elite


Of course, a Lifetime License doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to use the program forever. There are too many factors outside our control to be able to guarantee this. Variables such as operating system updates, changing video codecs, compatibility issues and the natural advance of technology can all affect how the software functions.


Because of these and other factors, we thoroughly recommend that you subscribe to our Support and Updates Service (SUS).


SUS is an annual payment which provides regular updates to the software, adding new tools and ensuring that it continues to function correctly in the face of the ever-onward march of technology.



Annual Subscriptions

We now offer the possibility of buying 12-month licenses for all Nacsport products.


These differ from Lifetime Licenses in that they are only valid for one year. After this period, you have the option of renewing for another year or simply letting the license expire. SUS is included in this yearly price, so you will always have the most up-to-date software.


There are many distinct benefits to both the Lifetime License model and annual subscriptions. We suggest that you have read of this article where we outline the benefits of each payment method and reveal the prices of each.


Nacsport Basic is only available as a subscription service. 


Nacsport Payment Options


Payment Plans for Lifetime Licenses


Single Payment 

Simply pay the full price for the license and it’s yours! You’ll never have to pay for the license again.




We offer payment plans where the user can pay for a Lifetime License in 3 yearly installments.


In this case, you won’t own the software until you’ve made the last payment.


With this type of plan, payment of each installment must be made on time in order to continue using the software. Failure to pay will mean that the software will be locked and unusable.


If the payment date is missed, the user will have three months to pay the next installment. In the event that they do not make payment, the plan will be scrapped and, should they wish to use Nacsport again in the future, they’ll have to start payment again from scratch.



Support and Updates Service (SUS)


SUS is available for all Nacsport Basic+, Scout, Pro, and Elite Lifetime Licenses.


SUS is a yearly fee which entitles the user to technical assistance from the Nacsport Support Team and regular updates to the newest version of the software


We must stress that this is an OPTIONAL payment, but it is totally recommended as, if SUS payments are not up-to-date, neither of these services will be available to the user.


As we mentioned earlier, we can’t guarantee that the software will work forever as 3rd-party software and operating systems evolve, and many of the updates we release ensure compatibility with operating systems, video codecs, other software, etc.



SUS: A Highly Recommended Service

This is why SUS exists. Our team works hard every day to ensure the best experience for our users. We can guarantee that they have the latest version of the software and that our team will always be on hand to assist with any issues they may be having.


In other words, we thoroughly recommend this service. It’s a testament to its usefulness that 90% of users resubscribe to this service every year



SUS Included During Payment Periods

When purchasing a license with a single payment, SUS is included in the price for the first year. After the first year, payment must be made annually.


When buying a license in installments, the price of SUS will be included in each installment. This means that, for a 3-year payment plan, SUS will be covered during that entire period and a separate annual payment must be made in year 4 onwards for the service.



Payment of SUS

When the date of SUS renewal arrives (mandatory or recommended), the user will have a maximum of 3 months to make the payment.


If payment is not made within this period, a surcharge of 12.5% is added to any future payments and, every 3 months thereafter, the same surcharge will be added.



An Example…

On the 4th of July, 2022, you made the third and last payment in the terms of your license. SUS is included for this year but on the 4th of July, 2023, you must decide whether or not you want to continue paying for support and updates.


You have 3 months to make up your mind. If you choose to pay, great, you can contact the Nacsport team any time you need help with the software and you can download any updates automatically!


You have three months to make this decision. If on the 3rd of October, you decide not to pay, no problem, you can continue to use the software. However, you will get no support from the Nacsport team of experts and there will be no updates.


If you decide in the future that you want to resubscribe to this service, a surcharge of 12.5% per three month period since the last payment was made will be added to the price. This is to cover the cost of all the updates added to the software.


This may seem complex, but it’s really not. If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us and we’ll put your mind at ease.


Ok, let’s move on to talking about each specific Nacsport product. As we move forward, remember to keep in mind the terms “license” and “SUS”!



Which Product Do You Want?



 Nacsport Basic


•    Annual Subscription only.


Nacsport  Basic+, Scout, Pro and Elite


•        Annual Subscription available.
•        License: Single payment or in 3 annual installments.
•        SUS: Included for 1 year in the case of single payments. Included for 3 years in the case of installments. Highly recommended after the payment period has ended.



In Summary


When buying Nacsport, the three important concepts to keep in mind are subscriptions, licenses and SUS.


Some Nacsport products come with a Lifetime License. When the payment period ends, the software is yours to keep, although this does not ensure that the software will remain compatible with operating systems, 3rd-party software, etc.


To guarantee this compatibility, we recommend our Support and Update Service (SUS), which provides technical assistance and the latest version of Nacsport. SUS is highly recommended for all our users.


Generally speaking, users have a 3-month period to make payment, whether that’s for installments or SUS. After this period, payment plans for licenses will be considered void and the user will have to start again with the payment and, in the case of SUS, a 12.5% surcharge will be added for each 3-month period which passes without payment being made.


As always, if you have any doubts about the payment process and would like us to clarify anything, get in contact with us and we’ll be glad to put your mind at rest.


Thanks for reading!


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