The Nacsport Review of 2023: Laying Solid Foundations for the Future

By Duncan Ritchie

11-December-2023 on News

10 minute read

It’s almost time to raise a glass and say farewell to the year that was. As is typical for this time, it’s time for us to look back, reflect on the past 12 months and lay plans for the future.


2023 has been a period of learning and evolution for us, a year which has allowed us to lay the foundations of a future in which we want to expand our role in the sports video analysis industry.


We have expanded our horizons and embraced new opportunities and continued to build a community of analysts around the world, providing the tools they need to speed up and improve their work.


So, let’s take a look at some of our highlights of 2023…

Nacsport Hub: A New Addition to Our Family of Products


Arguably, our biggest innovation of 2023 was the introduction of Nacsport Hub. This online platform expands your analysis workflow, creating synergy between your offline and online work.


Upload your analysis, work on them in the cloud and share them seamlessly with players, coaches and other members of your team. Access videos, data and team posts from anywhere in the world through any device, including the dedicated Hub app for Android and iOS.



But that’s not all…in the second half of the year we expanded the functionality of Hub to include a live analysis module. 


Hub Live allows you to make a direct and immediate impact on the game. Share video and data directly to the bench from anywhere in the world with just an internet connection.


Hub is a true game changer.




The Full Nacsport Range on macOS


Earlier in 2023, with the release of Nacsport 9.0, Nacsport Pro and Elite finally arrived on macOS, meaning universal availability for the full Nacsport family of software.



Successive updates have added tools such as graphic descriptors and dashboards for macOS, meaning that Mac users are no longer behind the curve when it comes to the power of Nacsport.


New tools, such as the ability to import Synergy data, have been added to both the Windows and Mac versions of Nacsport, and other tools, such as dashboards, have had a complete facelift, making it easier than ever to create eye-catching, interactive data visualisation.


Over the next few months, we will continue to add new features and tools and continue to bring the Windows and Mac versions of Nacsport closer together.




Exploring Old and New Avenues of Communication


It has always been our goal to get as close to our users as possible, and in 2023, we explored new ways of doing so. We also restarted an old custom which had previously been shelved due to the COVID crisis.


Starting with the new, at the beginning of the year we were present at several sports conventions in the United States, spreading the good word of Nacsport. 


These included conferences run by the National Field Hockey Coaches Association (NFHCA) and the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC).


nacsport nabc conference 2023


We also presented at the online Video Coaches Conference (VCC) 2023, an event aimed at North American ice hockey coaches and analysts. 


In Spain, after a few years of absence, we restarted an old custom - the Nacsport Networking Days. This consisted of two events - one for football and another for basketball - which were held in Madrid during the summer. These events were designed to bring us closer to Spanish users working in elite sports.


nacsport networking


In addition to all this, the Nacsport team, joined by our distributors around the globe, spent many hours in conversation with our users, covering thousands of miles and redoubling our efforts so that the whole community were kept up to date with all the innovations coming out of Nacsport HQ.




New Frontiers


Throughout the year, we have been seeking to expand our horizons, bringing the video analysis message to unexplored markets and sports.


Without a doubt, one of the success stories of this year has been the addition of a dedicated Nacsport team in France. They have brought awareness and growth to the playing fields of France and have been an invaluable addition to our team.


Nacsport France, we salute you wholeheartedly.


Speaking of French, we've also been working hard to make as much material available in this language as possible, including video tutorials and the Official Nacsport Starter Course for Football.



In addition, we have seen exponential growth in Ireland and Gaelic sports. The GAA community has embraced Nacsport as an analysis tool and it’s heartwarming to see the amount of innovation that comes directly from this community. Check out this amazing dashboard from Irish user Tony Bambrick, for example.


nacsport gaa dashboard


Ice hockey is another community that has taken Nacsport to heart this year. Starting the year with nothing more than a few scattered users, our hockey community has grown into a solid community with users around the world.



A Record Number of Visits to Our Website


All the work we’ve done in both the real world and the digital realm has resulted in a record number of visits to our website. Although we are still a few days away from the end of the year, growth in this area stands at over 8% for the same time period in 2022. 


This is no mean feat, especially when considering the massive leaps we have taken in improving our digital footprint in recent years, but all the new features of the software - as well as a tremendously well received Black Friday campaign - have attracted many new users.


Add to this the Official Nacsport Starter Courses which this year have been updated for Nacsport 9.0. We now have football and basketball courses available in English and Spanish, as well as the football course available in French. More to come in this regard soon.


nacsport starter courses


More visits, more countries, and many more minutes spent on the website. All of this highlights the work we’ve done to improve communication in this area.


One of the great attractions of the website is, without doubt, our resources section. Dozens of free resources for Windows and macOS including ebooks, sample tagging windows and dashboards for a wide variety of sports, and many more resources.


All of this has been designed with you, the user, in mind. These resources will help you get up and running with Nacsport and get the absolute maximum out of your analysis work.


nacsport free downloads


Much More to Come…


As we said at the beginning of this article, 2023 has been a year of laying foundations for a future full of possibilities.


There are already new developments in the pipeline which we expect to see the light of day very soon. We will, of course, give you more details as soon as we have them.


In the meantime, we want to give a special shout out to you. 


Yes, you.


Without you using the software, sharing your insights, reading our blog, downloading materials…without you we are nothing.


So thank you for being part of this wonderful community. We wish you all the very best for 2024 and hope that the coming year brings nothing but health and prosperity for you and yours. And remember, whatever 2024 brings, Nacsport will be by your side, your constant video analysis companion.


Thanks for reading.

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Are you enjoying this article?

Subscribe to our newsletter and receive a monthly compilation of articles, interviews and Nacsport tips for video analysis.

Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter!

Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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