Nacsport 5.0 - Working harder so you don’t have to

By Enrico Caballero

17-December-2019 on News

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Time to talk you through all the new features contained in our third big update of 2019 - and with the launch of Nacsport 5.0 we’re going granular! 


After the huge success of our last update back in the summer, when we introduced new features to facilitate the growing importance of real-time analysis, as well as improved communications between analysts and coaches, our developers have been back in the lab and hard at work.


This time we asked them to find new ways of extracting even greater meaning from your data and to make it easier for analysts to collaborate - even when they’re not physically in the same place. 


Regardless of the sport you’re in, one thing every analyst can agree on is that there’s only so much information you can generate in a single game. So rather than make more work for you, our emphasis has been to let the software do more of the heavy lifting, by adding greater value to your analysis. 


Enough fluff, let’s dive straight in and take a look under the bonnet.

Nacsport 5.0 New Features 


  • Player Connections  

(Available in: Pro Plus and Elite) 


Developed in close collaboration with - and tested by - leading coaches, our new Player Connections feature is perfectly suited to sports where players rotate throughout a game - like basketball, hockey or futsal. 


In keeping with our ambition for this update, to deliver more meaning without more work, Player Connections collects and aggregates data based on the different combinations of active athletes used throughout a game. 


Simply set the number of players to include and Nacsport will automatically create a new grouping for each combination used throughout a game, aggregating their combined data. 


Subgroups within a team are only available in Nacsport Elite.  



In more traditional sports, where most players partake for an entire match, the feature makes it easy to spot where the ‘chemistry’ exists, how different players compliment overall team performance or bring out the best in teammates. 



  • Enhanced Graphic Descriptors  

(Available in: Scout Plus, Pro Plus and Elite) 


This tool will be available in all professional Nacsport products, from Scout Plus to Elite but different features will be available in different versions. To explain what this all means to you, we’ve written another post discussing Enhanced Graphic Descriptors, which you can read here.


Another clear example of Nacsport software working harder so you don’t have to is our brand new X & Y Heatmaps feature within the Enhanced Graphic Descriptor.


Use it to highlight key areas of your pitch or court to use as descriptors in your analysis, building up a dynamic heatmap of exactly what happened and where.  


X & Y features allows you to track the course of a move, follow the direction of play or identify those areas your team can exploit or double down on their defending. 


Results can be exported as a standalone image, incorporated into your Nacsport presentations or shipped over to KlipDraw for further editing.



  • YouTube Streaming Capture  

(Available in: Basic Plus, Scout Plus, Pro Plus, Elite) 


Analyse and code live-streamed games from anywhere. 


Until now, Nacsport analysts have only been able to code games live, via direct streams from cameras nearby or pre-recorded video. 



Nacsport 5.0 changes all that, with a brand new streaming service that allows you to watch - and tag - games live and in real-time from sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Twitch and Mixer. 


No need to establish a private network or connection with your source. If it’s on the web simply cut and paste the URL into your Nacsport timeline to stream and tag as usual. 



  • Password to disable license 

(Available in: Scout Plus, Pro Plus, Elite) 


A practical new feature we’ve introduced to make life easier for the many schools, colleges and academies running multiple Nacsport accounts. 


Password disable allows different users to work on the same machines and keep their work secure - by actively disabling Nacsport licenses and preventing them being used by another person. 



  • Enhanced Text Overlays 

(Available in: Basic Plus, Scout Plus, Pro Plus, Elite) 


Using text overlays is a useful way to add personal observations to your presentations. 

But until now adding text to your analysis was only possible after the match. 


Completely customisable, our new Text Overlays feature changes all that, making it easy to insert key points or notes while you’re coding the game. 



  • Timeline Colour Options 

(Available in: Basic, Basic Plus, Scout Plus, Pro Plus, Elite) 


Infinite customisation means your Nacsport timeline in any colour you like - and we really do mean any colour you like. 



Use the familiar ‘Mosaic’-style colour picker or highlight any image on your screen (to grab its colour code) then simply paste into your timeline for your own unique colour scheme. 



  • Favourite Angle 

(Available in: Pro Plus, Elite) 


Choose from one of up to 4 different angles to set as your preferred default view through an entire presentation. 


You’ll still be able to switch between angles to highlight important passages of play, this new feature allows users to choose a default view for the duration of a presentation or mp4 file. 



  • ‘Play by Play’ filter by selected categories 

(Available in: Scout Plus, Pro Plus, Elite) 


Just as the name suggests, with Nacsport 5.0 it’s now possible to review play-by-play clips based on the categories created. 



  • New Color Palette

(Available in: Basic, Basic Plus, Scout Plus, Pro Plus, Elite)


We’ve increased the number of available colors in the Nacsport palette to an almost infinite number, giving you the freedom to be more creative in graphic panels.



Two color options, the classic, predefined shade mosaic and the ‘option dropper’, which gives you the freedom to copy the color of almost anything and paste it into your panel.


  • ‘Play by Play’ add notes with double click 

(Available in: Scout Plus, Pro Plus, Elite) 


Whether you’re tagging live or analysing an earlier recording, a simple double-click now makes it easier than ever to add notes or comments to your reports. 



  • Real-time joint analysis 

(Available in: Elite) 


Imagine being able to work with colleagues, on a single report that intelligently compiles your observations into one, easy to read timeline - automatically generating one unified presentation from your combined work. 


Nacsport’s new Real-Time Joint Analysis allows up to 4 analysts to collaborate on the same report - especially useful for monitoring individual players, sections of your team or different sections of the playing area. 



  • Auto-sum Descriptors 

(Available in: Elite) 


A new way to present collected data within your Nacsport timeline, by compiling and presenting the granular detail within your analysis. 


Our developers began calling this new feature ‘Free Information’ during their work - and for good reason. 


The new Auto-sum Descriptors tool uses data recorded during a game, automatically collating it by ‘descriptor’ value, to create a new layer of information that might just make the difference between winning and losing. 


Download instructions 


* Users must have a current Nacsport Technical Support and Update Service contract to receive the update. 


To download and install the update you only have to follow these instructions: 


  • If you have enabled automatic updates, when you start Nacsport and are connected to the internet, the message "Update available" will automatically appear. 

- Click on the "Download" button to start the process 


  • If you don't have automatic updates enabled. 

- Click on the "Help" button in the main menu 

- Click on the "Check for updates" button in the main menu 

- Click the "Download" button in the new window that appears 

If you are facing any problems during the installation process or after updating, please contact us by mailing 


If you’re not already using Nacsport - and you like what you’ve read - why not give us a try? 

We offer a FREE 30 day trial of all our products and we’d love you to take one for a ‘test drive’. Click here to find out more


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Are you enjoying this article?

Subscribe to our newsletter and receive a monthly compilation of articles, interviews and Nacsport tips for video analysis.

Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter!

Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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