The Top 10 Nacsport Blogs of 2023

By Duncan Ritchie

26-December-2023 on News

10 minute read

Every year, we compile the most popular blogs that we have published during the year according to Google, and this year is no exception. 


In 2023, we had a record number of visitors to our website, and the blog continues to be a big draw, providing our users with an unbeatable source of video analysis news, tips and case studies. 


So here, counting down to the most read blog of 2023, are the top 10 Nacsport articles from the last 12 months.


Click the title of any blog to read it in full…


10. Nacsport 9.0: Pro and Elite for macOS, Improved Dashboards, New Live Options and Much More


top blogs nacsport 9.0 


It’s no great surprise that this blog enters the top 10. Nacsport 9.0 was a massive update for the software and you were all hungry for news about it.


So, what was 9.0 all about? Well, Nacsport Pro and Elite joined the family of products on macOS. Dashboards on both operating systems got a complete overall, as did the live analysis workflow, making your video analysis work quicker and easier than ever. There were also a few smaller, but no less useful, features added, such as Quick Share links.


And this blog brought you all the news about the update. As we said, no wonder it’s in the top 10!




9. 10 Tips for Creating Great Tagging Windows


top blogs tagging windows


We all need a little help when getting started with something new, right? And that’s probably why this blog proved so popular.

It contains a series of tips for creating a functional, good-looking tagging window. Although aimed at beginners, there’s actually something here for everyone and we’re sure some of our veteran users sneaked a peak too!




8. Case Study: The Spanish Field Hockey Federation


top blogs spanish hockey federation 


Near the start of the year, we sat down and spoke to Andrew Wilson, Head of Scouting and Analysis at the Spanish Field Hockey Federation, about his role within the federation and how he uses video analysis on a daily basis.


This is a fascinating insight into the world of analysis in professional sport, and not only for those associated with field hockey. Andrew’s insights and innovations are a joy to read for anyone with even a passing interest in performance analysis.




7. What Is Sports Video Analysis?


top blogs what is video analysis


This old blog, which we updated earlier this year, answers one of the most common questions we hear when talking to the layman - what exactly is video analysis?


Here, we talk about all the different stages of analysis and give examples of how it can help to inform a team’s strategy and improve overall performance.


A great introduction to discipline and one which has proved popular this year with those thinking about getting into video analysis as a career.




6. Essential Preseason Tasks and Responsibilities for Analysts


top blogs preseason tasks


The preseason is a busy time for analysts, especially those who work in the upper-echelons of the game. It’s a time for reviewing your workflows and ensuring everything is prepared for the season to come.


And that’s exactly what this blog discusses. What are the essential task for analysts during the preseason? Read this and find out!


Actually, the vast majority of the info in this article could be applied to any analyst, in any sport, at any time of the year and, perhaps, that’s why it has been so popular this year.  


5. Nacsport Beginner's Guide: Download, Install, Start Analysing


top blogs nacsport first steps


A perennial favourite, this old blog, updated for 2023, talks new users through downloading, installing and getting started with Nacsport.


Due to the exponential growth of Nacsport and the sheer number of new users that we welcome into the fold every year, this blog is always a favourite.


4. Welcome to Nacsport Hub


 top blogs nacsport hub


Nacsport Hub has been a revelation for analysts this year, providing an easily accessible method of working online.


Upload video and data to the Hub platform and work with it from anywhere in the world through any device, including the dedicated Hub app for Android and iOS.


But that’s not all…Nacsport Hub is a fully realised communication platform where you can quickly share video clips and insights with players, coaches and other team members.


And we haven’t even mentioned Hub Live yet. The Hub Live module allows you to share videos and insights directly with the bench through an internet connection and make a direct impact on the game.


Unfortunately, the blog about Hub Live was released too late in the year to make an impact on this top 10 list, but you can read it here.


3. How to Get Players More Involved in Video Analysis


top blogs getting players involved


One of the big challenges of video analysis is how to get players more involved in the analysis process instead of being simply passive observers.


Obviously, the more athletes are invested in the work you do as analyst, the more receptive they will be to constructive feedback. There are also several methods of getting players to self-analyse their performance and identify weaknesses and strengths in their game.


How? Well, this blog, released at the beginning of the year, tells all. Well worth a read.




2. The 7 Best Drones for Video Analysis 2023


top blogs drones


Drones are becoming more ubiquitous in the analyst’s arsenal of tools, and that’s probably why this blog has been so popular this year.


Without a doubt, drones give you a unique perspective of the field of play, revealing things about the game that you might not have seen from more conventional angles.


Here we give you a rundown of some of the factors you should take into consideration when buying a drone, such as flight time, range, etc.


In addition, we give you some recommendations for drones, from high-end flyers to more affordable models.




1. Using ChatGPT for Sports Video Analysis


top blogs chat gpt


So, we come to our top spot, our most read blog of the year, covering a topic which has been on everyone’s lips this year…


The use of AI is becoming ever more prevalent in today’s society and it shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.


But how can sports analysts harness the power of AI to improve their workflows?


This blog, written in conjunction with AI expert Jason Leer, shows how ChatGPT can transform raw analysis data into a ready-made presentation in minutes.


A must read.



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Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter!

Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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