The 5 Best Video Cameras for Sports Analysis

By Duncan Ritchie

23-June-2020 on News

7 minute read

One of the major choices you’ll face when setting up or upgrading your video analysis department will be which video camera to invest in.


There’s a wealth of options out there, all with different specs, features and prices. The choices can be overwhelming…so let us help.


Here’s a selection of 5 video cameras that could well be perfect for you. Although there are professional cameras on the market, some of which cost into the tens of thousands, we believe these cameras present a good cross-section of what is available in the consumer market at the moment.


Note: Nacsport is in no way affiliated with any of the brands or manufacturers mentioned in this post. This article was concieved as a result of the many questions we have received from Nacsport users about this subject. 

The Best Camcorder for Sports Analysis



Sony FDR-AX700 4K HDR 


The Sony AX700 is a beautiful semi-professional camcorder for all your video analysis needs. Capable of recording in full 4K HDR, with advanced features such as super slow motion up to 1000fps, dual SD card slots, full sized HDMI terminals and a fantastic sensor which will produce professional quality video, this camera is a beauty which would be perfect for any video analyst.


The downside, of course is that it is quite expensive, but everything comes at a price.


Pros: Fantastic, top-of-the-range camera. Professional image quality.


Cons: Expensive.


The Best Camera for Filming Sports in Difficult Conditions



JVC Everio GZ-RY980


This JVC camcorder might look like a brick, but it’s also built like one. As hard as nails, this camera isn’t just waterproof…it’s QUAD proof (according to JVC this means that it is waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and freezeproof). Perfect for shooting training sessions and games in the depth of winter in Scotland then. In other words this is the best video camera for football, or any other sport, played in tough conditions.


You also get 4K and Full HD recording, a time-lapse function, and a fairly long battery life to boot. A great choice.


Pros: Durable and tough with good quality video recording.


Cons: Looks like a brick.


The Best Mid-Price Camera



Canon LEGRIA HF R806 


This camera is a workhorse. It’s never going to win any prizes based on its feature set, but its capable of filming in HD and has typical features such as an image stabiliser. The standout feature of this camera is the level of zoom it packs, with an optical zoom of up to 57x.


A nice little camera capable of big things and a relatively cheap camera for your sports video analysis.


Pros: Capable workhorse camera. Long zoom.


Cons: Nothing very exciting about its features.



GoPro - Ubiquitous in Performance Analysis






GoPro cameras need little introduction as they have been fairly ubiquitous in sport and streaming in general for a few years now. Small, rugged stable and portable these cameras are a fantastic option for recording sports in HD.


There is also a wealth of accessories available for GoPro cameras such as tripods, head mounts, etc. And, of course, being designed for extreme sports, they are fully waterproof and durable. 


Pros: Tough, well designed camera with a wealth of accessories available.


Cons: Small size can be awkward to use. Fixed lens means no zoom.


App for Sports Analysis Using iOS Camera



Nacsport Tag&view (iPad / iPhone)



Using our Tag&view app means that you can record and analyse live with your iOS device. The app contains many features available in the full Nacsport program and has a few, such as clustered buttons, that are usually only available in Nacsport Elite. The latest update also introduced real-time joint analysis into the mix.


The camera on your mobile device is a fantastic option for recording matches and, paired with Tag&view, makes video analysis completely mobile.


Pros: Film and tag games from the same device. Excellent video quality on Apple devices. Fully integrable with full Nacsport software.


Cons: None that we can think of!


Got Any Questions?


So, that’s our list…we know there are many considerations to take into account when choosing what’s best for your set-up, and there are too many cameras for us to take into full consideration here (although we will expand on this soon with an e-book…keep your eyes peeled!), but we hope, in the meantime, this article helps you.


One last thing we need to mention here is that, in order to connect your camera to your computer, you’ll need a video capture device. To see a selection of recommended devices, please follow this link.


If you have any questions about whether a camera is suitable for your video analysis set-up, about capture devices or any other technical requirements, get in contact with us at or on any of our social media channels and we’ll be happy to advise you.


Thanks for reading!

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Are you enjoying this article?

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Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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